About the Journal

Trends in Health Informatics is a leading journal dedicated to the exploration and dissemination of innovative research and advancements in the field of health informatics. It serves as a platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to exchange knowledge, share ideas, and contribute to the ongoing development of health informatics.

The journal covers a wide range of topics within the realm of health informatics, including:

  • Electronic Health Records
    • Design, implementation, and evaluation of EHR systems
    • Interoperability and data exchange
    • Clinical decision support
    • Data security and privacy
  • Health Information Exchange
    • Strategies, technologies, and policies for secure and seamless health
    • information exchange
    • Interoperability standards and protocols
    • Patient-centered health information exchange
    • Legal and ethical considerations
  • Health Data Analytics and Big Data
    • Data mining, machine learning, and analytical techniques in healthcare
    • Analysis of clinical data, genomics, wearables, and mobile health applications
    • Big data management and processing in health informatics
    • Predictive analytics and decision support systems
  • Telemedicine and Digital Health
    • Telemedicine innovations and applications
    • Remote patient monitoring and telehealth interventions
    • Mobile health apps and wearable devices for healthcare
    • Digital health technologies for improving healthcare access and outcomes
  • E-Mental Health
    • Digital technologies in mental health assessment and intervention
    • Mobile applications and virtual reality in mental healthcare
    • Telepsychiatry and remote mental health services
    • Ethical considerations in e-mental health
  • Social Media Analysis for Health
    • Use of social media platforms in public health research
    • Natural language processing and sentiment analysis in health-related social media data
    • Network analysis to understand health behaviors and trends
    • Monitoring disease outbreaks and analyzing patient experiences through social media
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
    • Collaborations between health informatics and computer science, data science, behavioral sciences, public health, and biomedical engineering
    • Integration of interdisciplinary expertise in technological innovations
    • Improving healthcare outcomes through interdisciplinary research and collaboration

Publication Frequency: Trends in Health Informatics is a scholarly journal that publishes one online issue per year. The publication process involves the continuous addition of processed and accepted papers, each accompanied by comprehensive bibliographic data. This approach ensures that the journal maintains an ongoing collection of the latest research in the field throughout the year. By adopting this publication frequency, Trends in Health Informatics strives to provide a platform for the timely dissemination of valuable contributions and facilitate the exchange of knowledge among researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders in the health informatics community.

Open Access: Trends in Health Informatics is committed to the principles of open access. As an open-access journal, it enables unrestricted access to its entire content for users and institutions. Readers are granted the freedom to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, and link to the full texts of articles without the need for prior permission from either the publisher or the authors. This open-access policy promotes the widespread accessibility and utilization of research findings, fostering collaboration, innovation, and advancements in health informatics. Trends in Health Informatics recognizes the importance of removing barriers to knowledge and embraces the ethos of open science to facilitate the global exchange of ideas and promote progress in the field.

eISSN (Online): xxxx-xxxx

Publication Fee: Free of charge.

Publication Frequency: THI publishes two online issues per year, with processed and accepted papers continually added throughout the year.

Publishers: Research Expansion Alliance